Natural Hospital birth of Baby Davis at University Hospital in Aurora, Colorado


The Birthing day of Davis Bradley from Jennifer Mason on Vimeo.

Betsy contacted me near the end of her pregnancy wanting to book a birth photographer and I knew right away we’d make a good fit for each other. She is a strong woman who was well informed about childbirth and she wanted a natural hospital birth, with a midwife at University Hospital, hopefully in the water.  Her husband Jensen and doula, Misty from Divine Doula were in attendance. Betsy was clearly going to have this little guy early after hearing how she was feeling, and at 38 weeks 6 days, she went into labor and after two long days had a natural hospital birth at the University Hospital, Center for Midwifery.

Take a minute to watch her amazing birth story. Betsy was so strong and never wavered from her birth plan. She labored for a long 24 hours, like a champ, and I was impressed with her strength and endurance. She birthed, surrounded by two midwives, her doula and nurse, and very amazed husband. I’ll be writing more as I feature her photos in a blog post, for now, check out this amazing video of their experience.

Welcome Davis Bradley, born via natural hospital birth 7lb 4oz, 19.5″ long born on April 6, 2014 at 7:43pm