Natural Birth at the Center for Midwifery - baby Aaron


Birth photography is always full of excitement because of it's unpredictability, Julie had a very fast, natural birth at the Center for Midwifery.  Her story starts with her water breaking the day before Easter, and contractions started right away.  Julie and Kevin were at a dinner party when this happened, they were dressed up and looked gorgeous for the birthday that they didn't expect.  Dad drove to the hospital as fast as safely possible, and baby Aaron was nearly born in the elevator at University Hospital with the Center for Midwifery midwives.   Fortunately, mom was able to get to her room before the midwife caught baby Aaron, who made his entrance into the world fast and furiously!  Just 57 minutes from first contraction to his fast and natural birth at the Center for Midwifery. After such a fast birth, Julie looked amazing and their family including their parents and oldest son Daniel, came by to meet baby Aaron before Kevin and Julie settled in for the night.  Big brother Daniel was at first not so sure about his new sibling, but after only a few minutes he warmed right up. He got into bed with mom and checked out his baby brother, smiled at his mother and gave her hugs.  My heart skipped a beat at the sweetness big brother showed to both his mom and then his new brother.  The rest of the family showered Julie with love and support as they peeked at baby Aaron and congratulated them both.

The Center for Midwifery midwives kept Julie in her delivery room for a little longer than usual, so that she could adjust to the fast natural birth and everything that just happened.  I stayed until family left, and caught some photo of dad holding his second son for the first time, then I left to let them go sleep.  From the time they called to the time I got home was around 4 hours.  I surely didn't expect to be at a birth that evening, but that is why birth photography is so amazing and unpredictable.  I feel blessed to be at each birth.

Baby Aaron was welcomed by his parents and big brother.  He was born on the night of a full moon at the Center for Midwifery with one of my favorite midwives there, Leigh Golden.   Here are a few of my favorite images from his fast birth!

Fast birth at the Center for Midwifery

Baby Aaron came fast and all natural at the Center for Midwifery in Denver.

Baby Aaron resting after his fast natural birth

Mom is all smiles after her fast labor and delivery at the Center for MidwiferyAfter a fast birth mom checked out her baby

I love watching mother's taking the time to check out their new baby.  Skin to skin is encouraged at the Center for Midwifery, and it's great that mama's get to hold their babies, instead of them being transferred to a warmer.  A mother's body temperature adjusts to keep her baby warm after babe is born and the CFM midwives do a great job of keeping mom and baby together.

Cute as a button on the scale at the Center for midwifery

Big and little brothers after the fast natural birth

After weighing the baby and making sure mom was feeling more recovered from her fast natural birth, dad brought in big brother Daniel to see his newest sibling.  He was so excited and curious!

Family of four after a fast natural birthFamily meets their newest member after a fast Easter birth

I love watching families check out their newest family member, this family waiting in the waiting room for a few hours before mom was ready to have visitors after her fast birth with the CFM midwives.

After some time, Daniel was ready to snuggle with his mom and brotherLeigh Golden and the CFM midwives are great promoting skin to skin

After the precious 2 hour golden period where its best  for baby to be with mom, dad held his son

When everyone left, it was time for the family to transfer to their postpartum room and dad was able to hold his son for the first time.  I love how Julie is looking at him here.  Such love.

It's truly a gift for me to photograph births, I have a supportive family and amazing clients.  Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of Aaron's birthday, Kevin and Julie.  I can't wait to see this little guy as he continues to grow up.  If you're interested in birth story images, feel free to contact me today and we can set up a time to chat more.