Fast Homebirth in Idaho Springs, Birth of baby Matthias


"Like a bolt of lightening, he came into our lives," said Dawn about baby Matthias's very fast homebirth in Idaho Springs. Matthias was due in the second week of March and mom was hoping for a March baby.  Dawn ironically shared on facebook at 7pm on February 28th, that she was likely going to have that March baby, but little did she know that just 4 hours later, she'd be holding him in her arms in her home, in Idaho Springs.

Just 2 hours later, contractions started, and it became apparent that they were coming fast and strong.  This baby was ready to make an appearance nearly 2 weeks early and very quickly!  Dawn had just enough time to call her doula and homebirth midwife, before she felt her baby drop into the birth canal.   Dawn's doula arrived up just in time to tell Dawn that she was safe, and it was OK to push if she felt the urge.  Having her doula present gave Dawn the confidence to birth her baby and he was born just a few minutes later, in the caul (in his amniotic sac) after just a few pushes.   Fortunately, the family had chosen home-birth for their third baby, otherwise, this little guy would have been born in the car on the way to the hospital!   Their midwife arrived just a few minutes after baby was born to a healthy baby and strong mom.

Dawn showed such strength and bravery as she shared her birth story with me the next day when I arrived for Freshly Born photos.  Because Matthias came so fast, Dawn was unable to call me, and instead focused on her breathing as she waited for her support team to arrive.  Even though they arrived a few minutes later, I can imagine it felt like hours for her.  She was thrown into the final stages of labor, in a very short amount of time!  Dawn confessed that she focused on holding baby IN, until her doula came, which is when she felt safe enough to push.  What a testament of strength!

Baby Matthias is welcomed by his parents and two older brothers, as well as his homebirth midwife, Stacie Meredith and doula Amy Haderer.

Here are a few of my favorite photos, taken on March 1st, just 18 hours after birth fast Idaho Springs homebirth.

Foothills Homebirth Photographer

Fast homebirth in Idaho Springs

I always love watching mom and dad check out their baby for the first time.  I have to imagine that things were so intense the night before, that they were really finally relishing in the new love of their lives.  Their amazing home birth midwife, Stacie Meredith, carefully checked baby, while mom and dad were able to comfortably sit and watch him.

Home birth midwife check

Can you caption the above image?  She's saying, "omg he looks so much like you!"  I love the look on mom's face and doesn't she look amazing after just having a baby?!

Midwife is weighing baby born at home

Mom and dad snuggling after baby is born at home

Sweet moments of love.

Awake and alert baby boy, born at home

Baby resting after birth on mom's chestBig brother helping check out baby with mom

Big brother was very excited about his new brother! He brought in a letter he had written for mom, which was SO sweet and he also brought lots of hugs and smiles too.

Midwife holding baby and big brother checking him

The giant smiles on both of their faces are such a tribute to this process and how amazing birth can be.

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