Fresh 48 Photography at Henry Ford Allegiance Hospital in Jackson, Michigan


Fresh 48 Photography Henry Ford Allegiance Health, Jackson, Michigan

There is something so special about fresh new babies and that is why I love Fresh 48 photography at Henry Ford Allegiance Health in Jackson, Michigan.

Babies smell like the best thing in the world.  Their wrinkly little feet and hands don't stay that way for long.  The the fuzzy lanugo on their shoulders and back will soon fade away.  Yet, in those first few days, they are fresh and new and it's so wonderful!  You'll want to remember the smallest of details like your baby's newborn yawn, or the way they wrinkle their forehead when they are tired, that tiny stork bite on their head.  I love to include details like your hospital room number and the moon on the night you were born!  These are your most treasured memories.

All of this can be captured in a Fresh 48 session which happens a day or two after birth, in the dreamy daylight hours in your hospital room or even your home.  I'm excited to offer these in Jackson, Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan as well as Kalamazoo, Michigan and Marshall. If you are interested in a Fresh 48 photography session at Henry Ford Allegiance please reach out today!

Jennifer Mason takes photos of brand new babies at Henry Ford Allegiance Healt

Fresh 48 Photography at Henry Ford Allegiance Jackson, Michigan newborn baby photographer Jennifer Mason

Jackson michigan birth photographer

Jackson, Michigan Fresh 48 Photography SessionsFresh 48 Photography Henry Ford Allegiance Health in Jackson, MichiganFresh 48 Photography Henry Ford Allegiance

Fresh 48 Photography in Jackson, Michigan

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