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Chelsea, Michigan Photographer

It's been a big year for our little family. We've moved from Denver to Jackson, Michigan while we settle in and find a house and a location to live in.   I'm excited to announce that I'll be a Chelsea, Michigan photographer this year!

We moved at Christmas from our beloved home in Golden, Colorado, back to our family in Michigan.  It's been a long, hard and crazy journey and it's still not over yet because we are in search of a house!  We did find a town to call home, after narrowing it down across the state, we landed on Chelsea, (or Dexter) Michigan.  We chose this area because it felt like 'home' to both of us.  There is a lot of art and culture that we want to be immersed in rather than seek out.  Chelsea, Michigan is very near Ann Arbor and only about an hour from Detroit. The downside is we are an hour + away from my sister and even farther from Lake Michigan.  But we have to figure out what works for our family, and this feels right.

Chelsea, Michigan offers hiking trails nearby, there is skiing in Brighten a short drive away, we have access to lakes and rivers galore and Ann Arbor is one of the best towns in the Midwest.  So there's that ;)

Ever since we moved, I felt stifled in my photography.  But now that we've found a place to call home and we are seeking out a house, I am feeling so creative again.  I can't wait to have my own studio space and I'm ready to dive into work!  Here are a few of my favorite images from Ashley's session.  She's growing a new baby and mama to the sweetest little toddler.  I love watching the connection between the two of them.

Chelsea, Michigan motherhood photographer

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