Colorado Birth Centers


Colorado Birth Centers

As a Colorado birth photographer, I've attended births at all of the Colorado birth centers.  Living in the Denver metro area, a family can choose between one of four Colorado birth centers to birth their baby.  Imagine birthing your baby in a beautifully decorated space that has all of the comforts of home, with highly trained Certified Nurse Midwives to safely bring your baby earthside.  And they accept insurance!  For the 75-85% of mamas who are low risk, birthing women, this is a wonderful option, and one that is growing in popularity.

There are four Colorado birth centers in the Denver and Boulder area; Baby and Company in Wheat Ridge, The Birth Center of Boulder in Boulder, The Denver Center for Birth and Wellness in Littleton, and Mountain Midwifery Center in Englewood, Colorado.  Each center is operated by Certified Nurse Midwives who work hard to support their mamas in out of hospital births and each center is licensed by the Colorado Department of Public Health.  I wanted to share a little bit more about each of them, and maybe it will help you to make a decision about out of hospital birth.

I'm lucky enough to be able to visit each center in my line of work.  All of the centers have wonderful midwives, helpful staff reception staff, and gorgeous locations that are unique to each space. Here are some photos that show what a birth can look like in each of Colorado birth centers.


Baby and Company, Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Birth center in Wheat Ridge, Colorado Baby and Company

Baby and Company - Colorado Birth Center in Wheat Ridge, Co

When Baby and Company announced that they were opening a birth center in Wheat Ridge, I was thrilled!  Having more options for birthing mamas is a wonderful thing, and the center is very close to my house - which is a bonus for me and my clients.  Baby and Company is an evidence based birth center, with a modern vibe and friendly homelike environment.  There is no receptionist desk and uncomfortable waiting room, instead you'll walk into the modern living and kitchen space and make a cup of coffee or tea as one of the smiling staff greets you and checks you in.   Your prenatal visits are relaxed and can take place in one of the home-like birthing suites, or exam rooms.   When it's time for your baby to be born, you'll be supported by their experienced midwives and nursing staff in a large suite that offers a ample space to labor in, heated toilets (they are wonderful), a big birth tub, an open shower, and more.   I love how caring the midwives at Baby and Company are to their mamas and families.  Each birth that I attend with Amy Wallace, MSN, CNM and Erin Ney MSN, CNM; I'm blown away by their compassion and experience.

Once your baby is born, and you get settled in your bed, that's where you get to stay.  One of the Baby abd Company nurses will come to your home 24-48 hours after birth to do your checkup.  This allows you to stay comfortable, rest, heal and connect with your baby in your space while you are taken care of by experienced clinicians.

All of my clients who choose Baby and Company feel happy and supported with their birth experiences. Are you planning a birth at Baby and Company or are interested in setting up a free, guided tour - here is more info.    I can't wait for my next client here.  Contact me today to set up your free consult.

Baby and Company waterbirth

Colorado birth center, Baby+CO in Wheat Ridge

Baby and Company Colorado birth centers


The Birth Center of Boulder, Boulder Colorado



First time mom has waterbirth at the Boulder Birth Center

The Birth Center of Boulder, Boulder Colorado

The Birth Center of Boulder is located in the heart of downtown Boulder.  The vibe of their space is hip and beautiful, with solid tones and pops of color.  I love the art and photos on their walls, patchwork quilts and one of a kind artwork.  The colorful space is wonderful to photograph and each of their birth rooms is uniquely styled to fit the space.   The midwives at the center, Abrie, Angela and Renee, follow the midwifery model of care, and they are all women that I'm honored to share a birth space with.   I recently attended a birth with Renee Clark, she began her path to midwifery 10 years ago in Guatemala after volunteering with the local Mayan midwives.  Renee's calm and supportive presence in the birth space was just what my client needed.

One unique thing the Birth Center of Boulder does is they have a partnership with One Heart Worldwide.  The goal is to provide skilled birth attendant training at Dhulikhel hospital in Nepal and to further the education of Skilled Birth Attendants (SBAs) in the countryside.  Both Angela and Renee have traveled to Nepal to gather information, create curriculum and teach SBA's in Nepal.  What an amazing way to give back!

Prenatal appointments at the center are an hour long for your first appointment, and then each appointment is a relaxed 30-45 minutes after that.  The center also offers an array of support services like acupuncture, massage, yoga classes in the center, and birth and postpartum doula services.  When you go into labor, your birth will be attended by a supportive midwife and nurse.  Once you have your baby, The Birth Center of Boulder prepares homemade porridge with an array of drink options, you can stay up to 8 hours after birth and a nurse or midwife will come to your home for a postpartum visit in 24-48 hours.  One of my favorite things is the postpartum herbal bath that you can take after your birth, or even at one of your postpartum appointments.

All of my clients have felt supported and LOVED the care they received at The Birth Center of Boulder.  I can't wait for my next client here.  Contact me today to set up your free consult.  If you'd like to check out the birth center, click here for more info!

Boulder birth center postpartum bath

Birth photographer captures births at the Boulder Birth Center


Denver Center for Birth and Wellness,

South Denver Colorado


Boutique Birth Center, Denver Center for Birth and Wellness

Denver Center for Birth and Wellness, Birth Center in South Denver

 The newest birth center is the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness.   Denver Center for Birth and Wellness exists to provide an environment of care that empowers, supports and partners with women to achieve and maintain health at all phases of their lives.  It's located on Broadway in Littleton, just a few miles north of C-470.   The focus of the center is on personalized care, from their prenatal care to the food that is catered to your needs after birth, they go above and beyond to offer a boutique experience.   Their birth suites have large birth tubs, comfortable family spaces and a homelike atmosphere.  There is a low client to staff ratio, so you receive ample support at your prenatal appointments with their amazing midwife Shari Long Romero, DNP & CNM - she's attended births for 2 decades and caught hundreds of babies.   The Center allows all families to stay between 4-24 hours after baby is born, so that you are able to rest and heal as you prepare to head home.  The births I've attended at the Denver Center for Birth and Wellness were positive and supported by a midwife, nurse AND doula!   We are so lucky to have this as an option in the Denver area.

The specialized care and wonderful environment makes the  DBC a wonderful choice for birth in the metro area.  If you'd like to check out this Colorado birth center, click here.


Mountain Midwifery Center, Englewood Colorado



Aubre Thompkins Midwife at Mountain Midwifery Center

Mountain Midwifery Center, Englewood Colorado

The most experienced birth center in Colorado is Mountain Midwifery Center (MMC).  It's locally owned and operated, and midwives practice the true midwifery model of care here.   When I was pregnant with my first daughter in 2011, this was the only birth center in the area and we didn't even hesitate when choosing it.

After serving the metro area for so many years, the birth center outgrew its space and created a brand new birth center.  It was created and built specifically for MMC.  Their new center offers 4 birthing suites, with specialized birth tubs, made specifically for water-birthing mamas and partners. The space has a great vibe with hand painted murals, original artwork and a comfortable and friendly space to wait for your appointment.   Prenatal appointments are relaxed, and families are encouraged to meet with each of the midwives before birthing their birthing time.  The clinical director of the center is Aubre Tompkins, CNM, MSN, who is one of the most experienced and respected midwives in the community.  She embodies what it means to be a midwife, I enjoy each birth that I attend with her and truly can't say enough about her.

Take a minute to check out Mountain Midwifery Centers free tour and orientation, check out the facility and meet some of the staff that will care for you when you choose MMC.  I can't wait for my next client here.  Contact me today to set up your free birth photography consult for MMC mamas.



Birth Center Transfers

Here's what they can look like


Birth Centers are licensed and follow guidelines to keep mom and baby safe during prenatal care and labor.  Every birth is different and sometimes there is the need to send mom and baby to the hospital.   This can be hard on the family.  I know firsthand, because I had to transfer from the birth center with my daughter in 2011.  Even though the birth location has changed, families can still carry out some of their wishes, like having dad catch baby or laboring in the water.

 I wanted to share some of the amazing and supported births that I've witnessed when a transfer occurs. The gorgeous photos below are from Lutheran Medical Center and Swedish Hospital.

Catching your own baby is an amazing moment, hospital in DenverBirth center to hospital transfers

Would you consider out of hospital birth?  Which center would you choose?

Take a minute to share this blog and show other moms what out of hospital birth can really look like!    If you are interested in birth photography, you can Contact me today to set up your free consult.