Avista Hospital Midwives; The Birth of Ollie Joy!


I could tell Casey had an awesome vibe just from the email.  She's so genuine and happy and I was excited to work with her.  I met both Casey and John for their maternity session in Evergreen and knew they would have a wonderful and supported birth together.  They were so connected and sentimental with each other. When Casey went into labor, things were intense right from the start.  She went to the hospital and I came shortly after.  Their midwife, Claudia Berg, one of the Avista Hospital Midwives, was wonderful as she helped Casey through contractions.  She labored in the water for a while and then back in their room.  After a few hours, we realized Casey was still in early labor, so I went home to rest a bit as Casey continued to have contractions.   I came back the next morning and Casey had an epidural, and she was smiling.  Everyone was smiling and happy, eager to meet this little baby!

Read more of their birth story through photos.

Baby Girl, Ollie Joy, born at Avista Hospital with Claudia Berg, April 23, 2016.

Babies born under a full moonSpa room birth photography at Avista Hospital with midwivesThe Avista hospital midwives offer a spa room for water therapy.  Avista hospital offers a tub room for laboring moms

The room was decorated with lights, and all of the birth center tools were brought in for mom to labor naturally.  Natural birth at Avista hospital with midwivesAvista Hospital Natural Labor

The next morning, their midwife brought pink donuts, in honor of baby girl's arrival today. Husband cares for his wife during labor

John hated seeing Casey in pain and wanted to take away the pain with each contraction and  he did everything he could to help make her comfortable, protect her birth space, and honor her wishes.  What a great partner and dad!  First time mom has birth at Avista Hospital

Husband supports wife in laborIt was time to push!

After laboring for 20 hours, it was time to push!  Loving each other during labor and childbirthAvista hospital birth stories

Pushing didn't take long!Crowning during birthAnd then she was here, and their whole world changed in a moment.  Mom holds her daughter for the first timeBaby Ollie was born into a room full of women, and her amazing dad, on a windy day in April.  Avista hospital baby girl birth storyClaudia Berg Midwife at Avista HospitalCasey was stunning throughout labor and birth and John was strong and supportive.  It was a beautiful birth, surrounded by a wonderful support team.  Avista hospital allows birth photographyClaudia Berg Avista Midwife

Avista Hospital midwife, Claudia Berg, delivered their baby.  She was wonderful and supportive and I'm so glad there is such a great option in Lafayette for those in North Denver.  Photographer captures baby girl born at Avista Birth-photographer-at-Avista-HospitalColorado father holds his daughter at Lafayette Hospital

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