Underwater Photography; Denver, Colorado


I've always felt at home in the mountains.  When I moved to Colorado in 2003, I knew this was the place that I was meant to be.  The vast mountains, endless hiking and beauty as far as the eye can see.  But the one thing that I miss from my Michigan roots is the water.  I grew up on a lake, and spent most of my summers swimming and I miss the water.  It became evident to me just how much, when I did an underwater photography session during pregnancy last year.  From then on, I've wanted to incorporate underwater photography that I offer to birth, maternity and postpartum clients.  There's just something so magical about seeing a little baby, being held by his mama, in an herbal bath - both above and under the water.  I especially love using the underwater camera during labor and birth, seeing a mom's belly contracting from under the water. I offer Mermaid sessions for pregnant mamas, as well as herbal bath sessions after baby is born.  When moms contact me for these sessions, they all say, 'I wanted something different for my photos' and I'm excited to provide that unique session. For all of my birth photography clients, we can discuss the use of the underwater camera during labor and/or birth, and if it feels appropriate to use it, I will.   Contact me today to set up your underwater photography session!

Photographer in Denver photographs pregnant moms and calls them Mermaid sessions

Underwater Maternity Session

Baby photographer does underwater photos in Denver

Baby and Company in Wheat Ridge, Colorado offers postpartum herbal baths

Postpartum Herbal Bath session done at the birth center, Baby and Company, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado

If you want something different for maternity photos in Denver, contact Jennifer


This photographer uses an underwater camera in labor to capture amazing moments

Photos of mom laboring, dad's hand is on her contracting belly, and his face in anticipation above.

Natural water birth with underwater photography


Copper tub, gorgeous pregnant mama, not much more beautiful than this!Outdoor-Colorado-mountain-maternity-photographer-nude

Birth center photography at Mountain Midwifery Center

Something different, something unique, something YOU

Photography in an herbal bath in Lakewood, ColoradoAdding flowers to the milk bath makes the maternity session even more magical

Gorgeous mama, beautiful pregnant belly, and a tub full of flowers

Underwater photography is great for a milk bathJennifer will even photograph moms outside, in water, in the gorgeous Colorado mountains

Even outside in Colorado, water is beautiful for maternity photos.  Contact me today to set up your session!