Fast Hospital Birth with the Center for Midwifery


When Jessica contacted me, she mentioned that she was a midwife at University Hospital, with one of the best midwifery groups, Center for Midwifery.  I've loved every birth experience I've shared with clients at University with the CFM midwives, and I was excited to be asked to photograph a midwife's hospital birth.  We scheduled a time to meet at a local coffee shop and spent an hour getting to know Jessica and her wife Stacy, and we hit it off right away.   It happened that both Jessica and I were due at the same time, so I wasn't sure if I would be able to attend her birth, or if my partner would.  However, Jessica had to be induced early with her first and expected the same with baby #2.   On my very last day of being on call, I got a call that they were heading to the hospital for an induction.  My phone was turned up on high and I got a few hours of sleep before Stacy called to let me know baby was coming, fast. Jessica woke up to intense contractions a few hours after her induction, it was clear this little guy was ready to meet his loving family and he was born shortly after.  When I got to the hospital, Jessica was snuggled in bed, nursing her son and recounting her fast labor and hospital birth story.

Here are some of my favorites from her fast, hospital birthSweet little boy born at the hospital birth center. First time grandparents meet their grandson at Center for MidwiferyAt the Denver hospital meeting their grandsonHospital Birth center birth of little boyHere is the first time mom holds her sonA fast birth of her son in the hospitalMidwife catches her baby born in the hospital bathtub in Denver, Colorado Midwife mom delivers her son in the hospital birth centerI love when partner looks at mom with such gratefulness at the gift she's given their family

This look right here, is the look of a loving spouse who is in awe of the work their partner just did to bring their child earthside.  It doesn't happen at every birth, but when it does, it's beautiful.

University of Colorado hospital birthSnuggling after a fast birth

Sure, midwives will play with their own placentas.

Center for Midwifery birth with two momsColorado born Cubs fan at the University HospitalGrandmother and daughter hugging after birth of sonColorado grandpa holding grandsonBabies have the tiniest features at birthThe start of a breastfeeding journey

University of Colorado Hospital birth with a midwife and two momsMidwife has a birth photographer in hospital birthColorado hospital birth center

Thank you so much Howard family, for letting me be a part of your hospital birth story.

If you'd like your birth story captured, or are interested in more info, don't hesitate to contact me today!