Manda + Luke, Wedding at the Vinyard in Denver


Jennifer Mason

I apologize for the significant lack of posting.  When I saw my last was May, I was shocked, but its not for the lack of beautiful photos to show you, but instead the busy schedule we've had this summer and fall.  This fall, I'm looking forward to getting all of these sessions posted and updating my website with newer images shot this spring and summer.  

Manda + Luke, August 16, 2013.  Venue; Balistreri Vinyards, Denver Colorado.

This couple has a special place in my heart because they were my very first wedding consult and first wedding as a lead photographer.  From the first time I met them, we really got along well and I knew we'd have a good time working together.  Since that time last January, I've gotten to know them and learned their story, they truly have eyes for each other and they will definitely have a fun life together!  Please continue to see more of Manda + Luke.  

Details, Jennifer Mason Photography.  Manda + Luke

Jennifer Mason

Jennifer Mason

Bride getting ready

Lace wedding dress

Bride getting ready

These days, the trend in weddings is doing a 'first look' with the bride and groom.  Its such an emotional moment for them and its a lot of fun to capture it.  Here is Manda and Luke's first look.  This was my favorite part of the whole day, I think :)

first look

First Look Photo

First Look

First Look LOVE


First Look


We were lucky enough to be able to use the barrel room at the vinyard for the family and groomsmen photos, it was filled with barrels of amazing wine.  I took the tour, twice!  Its yummy stuff and the backdrop, while challenging with the light, was such a cool place to shoot photos!  We spent a lot of time down in the room taking photos before the ceremony started, it was private and the guests were unable to see the couple :)

Barrel room

barrel room


jennifer mason photography

The ceremony was outside in the backyard of Balistreri Vineyards, this beautiful pergola and white fabric backdrop complimented the bright blue sky on a hot summer day in August.

ceremony site

walk down aisle


First kiss



After the wedding we got the family and group photos next to this beautiful staircase.  I love the golden hue of the wood and lighting on the ceiling.

bridal party

bridal party

~ *** ~

first dance





After some dancing and fun, I grabbed the bride and groom for just a few more photos.  Its always fun to capture the couple after some drinks and a few hours of marital bliss, their mood lightens and we get amazing photos like these....



Manda and Luke had a party bus for after the reception, they loaded their guests onto it and left for an evening of fun in Denver!

Par-tay bus

Congratulations Manda and Luke, I have no doubt you will have many fun years ahead of you!

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