Hospital Birth in Denver, Baby Oscar


First time births are always special, there is just something about the unknown, the new parents and their excitement for this new venture in life.  Dionne's due date came and went, even thought we all thought she'd deliver earlier than expected and plans changed for an induction at their hospital in Denver.  The date was set, and Dionne went into the hospital in the evening, I kept in touch with them throughout the entire next day, but labor progressed slowly to 4cm.  Suddenly, I got a text that after many hours at 4cm, Dionne was quickly at 9cm and things were changing fast.  I was ready to head out the door and arrived at the hospital a short time later.  She was completely dilated, but not yet feeling the urge to push, it took several hours before that happened, and we were all surprised; but the nature of birth is always exciting and unpredictable.  Once it was time to push, it took Dionne over three hours, as Oscar slowly made his way earthside.  Dionne handled this long labor with grace and beauty, and brought her son into the world nearly 30 hours after her induction. Their family was overjoyed to meet this little man, and they visited us at the hospital shortly after Oscar was born.  I love capturing the first look of grandparents as they meet their grandchild.  The three generations on both sides warmed my heart, as I saw how loved this little guy is going to be.  It was even better capturing the long anticipated name of this beautiful little guy, everyone was excited to finally hear it.   Take a minute to see some of my favorite photos from this hospital birth in Denver of baby Oscar.

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A long labor at this hospital birth in Denver

Doesn't mom look like a birthing Goddess here.  I just love her smile and excitement because she was nearing the end of her long labor, little did she know then that pushing would take a long time.  But this is the 10cm dilated smile :) This couple worked together to birth their son at a hospital birth in Denver

This mama pushed for three hours to bring her baby boy earthside at a Denver hospital.

Amazing crowning photos of hospital birth in Denver

Capturing the first cry as a birth photographer in Denver

Capturing the first connection with his parents at a Denver hospital birth

Mom doing skin to skin with son Oscar in Denver

daddy holding baby boy fir the first time in Denver.

Denver hospital birth offers skin to skin and breastfeeding supportThree generations of love, grandparent photography at a hospital birth in Denver

Grandparents hearing their grandchild's name for the first time, such shock and surprise!

Baby boy's first bath at his hospital birth in Denver