Fast Water Birth; North Denver Home Birth Photographer

As a home birth photographer, I rely on my backup photographers in times of need and they rely on me.  In this case, I got a call from my friend and fellow photographer that she needed me to head up to this home birth, she was stuck in traffic and I was much closer to the couple's house in North Denver.  I quickly jumped in the car with my gear and took off!  When I arrived at Sarah and Jim's house, Jim was filling up the birth tub for their home birth and Sarah was laboring on the bed, the midwife wasn't there yet and their oldest daughter greeted me in the driveway and directed me to the bedroom.  Sarah was having a very fast labor, during a family walk contractions started and were 2 minutes apart, she was already feeling the need to push.  Her husband was handling this intense situation with such grace, he was helping his wife, filling the tub and calmly talking to his daughters who were there to watch the birth.  They were very excited to be a part of their brother's birth. A few minutes later their home birth midwife, Janet, arrived, and Jim urged his wife to get into the birth tub.  She had always wanted a home water birth, she was only feet from the tub and he was able to coax her into the water.  The midwife checked mom and baby and a few short minutes later, he was born!  The entire labor and birth were under 2 hours.

Take a minute to look at a few of my favorite moments from the birth.  It was truly a labor of love in a room full of love, surrounded by loving family.  This is how birth can really be! Water birth at home with dad supporting mom and CNM

Sarah was able to get into the home birth tub, and have her baby in the water, like she had always dreamed of doing.  CNM Janet Schwab, north denver midwifeSisters in North Denver watch as brother is born. This water baby was born at homebaby boy born in water in DenverThis sweet little guy loved being in the water.  North Denver home water birth of fifth baby North Denver home water birth

Kisses are a must during labor and after at this North Denver homebirthNorth Denver dad holds his son for the first timeMidwife cares for mom after her fast home birth in Denver

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