Birth Photography Video; Denver Birth Photographer's 30th Birth


Birth Photography Video

I've been so lucky to share this day with 30 amazing families.  Birth stories are moments that were made to be captured!  Let's start thinking about birth in a different way, in a beautiful way.  These are the real moments in life, the moment you meet your baby, the moment your partner holds their child for the first time, the moment your older child meets their sibling, the first cry, those wrinkly feet, these are all moments to be treasured and cherished.  This birth photography video will show you why you should consider hiring a birth photographer to document your birth story.

I've photographed:  11 - water babies, 11 first children, 11 children who completed their family, 4 cesarean births, 3 rainbow babies, 2 angel babies, 6 birth center babies, 7 home birth babies, 20 babies born under midwifery care, 10 babies born under OB care, 2 sets of twins, and 30 strong mothers.  I can't wait to see where the next 30 births take me.

Take a minute to watch their story and the stories of 30 little babies in this birth photography video that I created.

Birth Photographer Celebrates 30th birth from Jennifer Mason on Vimeo.