Birth Photography in the Denver Area, Birth Photographer


I am super excited to post about my new adventure, birth photography! The whole reason that I got into portrait photography was because my little inspiration, my daughter, changed my life when I found out that I was pregnant.  I knew right then that I wanted to do birth photography, but I had to wait until just the right time in life. Now my daughter is 17 months old, she isn't nursing anymore and sleeps (mostly) through the night, and I can see it being feasible to take on this new adventure.  One of the most beautiful moments in a mothers life is when her child is born, celebrate that!    Keep reading for more info, price and details. I am offering a super low introductory price for this new venture, right now pay only $350.

For this price you will receive: - Consult prior to labor where we can discuss your birth plans, any wishes you have for the photos, and we can get to know each other a little bit, after all, I will be taking photos of one of the most beautiful and intimate times in your life! -  CD of images to document the birth, and your first precious moments as a family. -  Regarding time, babies have their own time-frame and no-one understands that better than myself; I will come to the labor near your transition, sometime after 7cm and stay until an hour or so after baby is born.  This time-frame is loose to so that there is no stress if a baby takes longer to birth or a plan changes, we'll make it work.

Contact me today and we can chat further via email and schedule a time to meet up.

Below are a few photos taken of me at my daughters birth by our doula and midwife.