Birth Center of Boulder Water-Birth of baby Kezia


As a birth photographer, its important to always have a great backup photographer in place to call in-case two babies are born on the same day, at the very same time.  It just happened that my partner, Monet, called me very early in August at 4am to tell me she had 2 mom's in labor at the same time. One in Boulder at the Birth Center of Boulder, and one in Denver at Mountain Midwifery Center.  She was already pulling into MMC and I got out of bed to head to Boulder.  It was the first time I'd been to the new Birth Center of Boulder, and I was excited to see the space and meet the midwives, I had heard great things about them all from Monet.  The space is gorgeous, lots of crisp white walls, with pops of color in the curtains, tapestries and single brightly painted walls.  What a beautiful space to birth a baby in! I got there very early in the morning and mom was in the tub, deep in laborland.  Mom was gorgeous as she worked to bring her baby down, intently focused and with fresh henna on her belly, that was beautiful.  I introduced myself to dad, and we smiled at each other, then he went back to helping his wife.  He took her cues, without her saying much, and they worked together to bring their baby into the world.  Mama talked to her baby throughout labor and asked Kezia to move down and out.   Their baby was born in water, at 37 weeks, with 2 amazing midwives at the Birth Center of Boulder.  Just an hour after Monet's client at the birth center in Denver.

Take a minute to see their story and some of my favorite memories from their birth. Mom labors in water at the Boulder Birth CenterVery supportive husband at the Boulder Birth Center

Mom labors in the gorgeous tub at the boulder birth center

Natural Birth Center birth in Boulder

I love watching how the Birth Center of Boulder midwives supported mom.  They put her hair up, wiped the sweat from her forehead, cleaned mascara off her cheeks, it was a beautiful sisterhood.

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