14 Best Birth Photography Images


14 Best Birth Photography Images show you why birth photography is awesome!

Every mother remembers the day their child was born.  It's a story they can recount years later and with great detail.  It's a pretty incredible day, I mean, you've been growing a HUMAN in your BODY for months!  Now, that human is finally ready to be born and you are meeting them for the very first time.  Birth photography gives us a window into the birth room and allows us a glimpse of the transformation that happens in that space.  I've been present for home births, hospital births, cesarean births, twin births, and attended births with midwives, doctors, and even unassisted.   I've witnessed so many incredible moments in the birth room; sobbing dads, mom's giving birth in complete JOY, the screams of intensity, laughs of relief, tears of joy, fear, gratitude.  Each story is as different as the families that I serve.   I'm grateful each time I'm invited in the birth space.

While you are exploring some of my favorite birth photography images, take the time to remember your own birthing day or ask your mother about your birth story.

14.  Miracle Max reaches for his mama

When my client had to deliver her baby at 28 weeks, they were so uncertain of what the future would hold.  I went to the NICU twice to capture some of the most amazing birth photography images of my career.  This little warrior clearly knew his mother's voice and reached for her as she was saying goodbye for the night.  He left the NICU before his actual due date and is thriving 2 years later.  I'm so glad they chose birth photography to document these precious moments.

28 week old nicu preemie has cesarean birth to save life

13.  Cesarean birth is incredible

The first time I witnessed a c-section, it was a birth of twins and I was pregnant myself.  I didn't have birth photography with my first, which turned into an emergent c-section, and I never 'saw' my own birth.   As I stood in the room during the first cesarean I was allowed into, was amazed how incredible it was.  It made me feel very different about my own birth experience and healed me in ways that I never knew.  I'm so grateful for that doctor who allowed me in and free reign to walk around the operating room, as well as those clients who invited me into their space.  Even though it wasn't the birth they had planned either.  This photo below is of two moms who were welcoming twins!  One twin is out and the other is still in. Birth photography during a c-section

12. Under and Above the water - birth photography

Underwater birth photography during a water birth is pretty amazing.   She labored for days and finally things shifted and it was time to come to the birth center.  I remember watching her in this moment, she was so beautiful, peaceful and strong.  Her belly contracted and she allowed her body to rest. It was many more hours before baby came, but she was incredibly strong through all of it.  Colorado-water-birth-photographer

10.  That emotional first moment (even though it happens at different times)

It might not happen right away - especially if a mom has a fast or traumatic birth, but eventually this moment occurs and it's incredible.  You grew this life in your body and now you are holding this child in your arms, for a second, you realize it and you melt.

Birth photography brings out the emotional side of birth

9.  The Cord and Placenta - Tree of Life

Not only does a woman grow a baby, but she also grows an entire organ that sustains the life of the baby, the placenta.  The placenta has a cord that we all know is attached to the baby at the belly button.  This cord delivers vital nutrients to babe while in utero.  The cord pulses after birth to give the blood from the placenta, to the baby.  This is why delayed cord clamping is so important, it's baby's blood going through the cord!  This baby was born for several minutes before his cord stopped pulsing.

Birth photography captures moments like this that we'd never see otherwise! Ann Arbor Birth Photographer

8.  The Joy on your partner's face!

This mom had two cesarean births prior to her VBA2C.  Her husband was so excited, joyful, and proud!  This client was my very first birth photography client in 2013, and my first repeat client in 2016 (here).

VBAC birth photography

7.  The support of your birth team

Birth photography really does capture moments that the world would otherwise not see.  During this mom's long labor, she was struggling, so her midwife's assistant laid down next to her and held her through some intense contractions.  What incredible love and support!  This is what midwifery care can look like.

Michigan birth photography captures home birth

6.  Here he comes!

This is a waterbirth moment that I've never managed to capture in the same way.   This baby shot out and midwife brought him up to mom's chest.  This brief moment is where he's in between the two worlds. <3 Pretty incredible!

Underwater birth photos at Mountain Midwifery Center

5.  A Mother's Love

This daughter was at a tough point in labor.  Her mom could see her pain and it was hard for her to watch.  She finally just laid down next to her and held her.  That baby was born shortly after.

Birth is full of tender moments like this.

Mom supports daughter in the Ann Arbor birth space

4.  Birth CAN really look like this

I've seen more sexy births than you'd imagine.  Birth really can be this way.  I've seen it, and a lot more.   People ask me HOW, and I say, the first step is to be educated and not fearful of birth.

Ann Arbor birth photography

3.  Sometimes a mom will just decide to put their placenta right on their belly

Yep!  This is my BFF and she's a birth photographer.  She decided in this moment that she wanted to honor her placenta and put it right on her postpartum belly.  It was messy and so freaking beautiful!

Placenta birth photographer, Jennifer Mason

2.  Postpartum love

This photo took my breath away when I took it.  Mom was taking a postpartum sitz bath after a very fast birth.  Baby started fussing and wanted mom, so baby joined her and everyone was happy.

1.  Looking for Mama!

This little guy came out with his eyes wide open under the water, and then he came out looking straight at his mama!

Birth Center baby comes out with eyes wide open

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