Beautiful Barbara - Maternity Shoot in Golden, Colorado at the Clear Creek History Park

Love the barn and the chalk heart <3

My beautiful friend Barbara is pregnant with her first child and I was super excited to snap some shots of her and the little baby.  She did not find out the gender of the little one, and I think that is super exciting (because we didn't either) and it was pretty surreal to take photos of her when just last year at this time I was pregnant and getting my own maternity photos done.  Fast forward to the present and I have a busy 9 month old girl, but pregnancy doesn't seem that long ago.  Barbara and her husband Kyle have so many adventures awaiting them and they just have no idea.  Check out the rest of our photo shoot and her amazing shots!

Barbara wanted to do some photos in Golden, which is one of my favorite places -- here are some of my favorite shots.
How beautiful is this?
This is one of my favorite shots, so pretty!
This look -- it says 'pregnant' to me -- tired, heavy, but a labor of love.  You just don't know it yet.
The sun came out from the clouds to get a few amazing shots near the last of the summer flowers.
One of my favorite shots of her husband, Kyle.  He is really excited to meet this little one!
I love that the fence mirrors her belly.  <3
Ahh, this stance epitomizes pregnancy.
These two are so cute, right?
Just a few more weeks and you can enjoy some hoppy beer!
Barbara (and I) loved this red barn.  I love her green dress against it - talk about opposite colors, but it looks great!
Kyle graduated from School of the Mines, so we *had* to get the "M" in there.
Glowing mama.
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