Natural Birth of Baby June at Baby + CO Birth Center, in Wheat Ridge, Colorado


Sarah and I met at the Baby + CO birth center in Wheat Ridge, Colorado to discuss her birth photography vision and we immediately connected.   They were planning a natural birth at the center, they hoped to have their 2-year old son at the birth with his gramma, along with their doula Robyn Huffman and the birth center team at Baby + CO. The evening of the birth, I got a text that contractions had started and they'd call overnight when anything changed.  Around 2:30am, I was on my way to the birth center.  Sarah was such an amazing mama to watch in labor, she was strong through each contraction as she and her husband worked as a team to bring their baby earthside.  She leaned on him, he held her, rubbed her hips, and he braved each contraction with her, as they listened to bluegrass on their playlist -- it was beautiful.

Around 6am, their son was able to come to the birth with his gramma.  At age two, he might have been the most supportive person in the room.  He walked over to mama, gave her a hug and continued to support her by rubbing her back or gently touching her.  He was in awe of the process and not a bit scared or concerned.  As a birth photographer, I've been a part of several births with children present, and they are all well prepared and very in tune with the process.  This little guy might have stolen my heart with his tenderness toward his mama and then little sister when she came earthside.

After mom labored on the bed, birth ball and then in the tub, she got out to use the wall ladder to bring her baby down, her water broke and she began to push.  Baby June was born shortly after and mama held her in her arms immediately.  The room was full of smiles and joy from the Baby + CO team, as well as gramma, dad and big brother.  As only the second birth at the Baby + CO birth center, it was the epitome of the birth center model for birth; attended by their son, gramma and amazing birth center team.

Baby June Born at Baby + CO, Wheat Ridge Colorado with the support of their doula Robyn Huffman.

Birth Center Baby + CO allows mom to walk during labor

Robyn Huffman, doula helps mom through contractions at natural birth

Mom is supported by her doula at Baby + CO in Colorado

New birth center in Colorado is Baby + CO

I love all of the layers of support here.  Doula, nurse, midwife and dad, all there for mama, through each contraction.  It was a perfect support team.

Dad supports mom through a contraction at Baby + CO

Mom labors in the birth tub at Baby + COThe whole family and team at the birth center supports mamaBig brother in awe of mom as she delivers sister

I truly think big brother was the most supportive person in the room.  He had such love and admiration in his eyes, as he watched his mama give birth.  There was no fear, only excitement and awe.

Mom catches her own baby during family centered birth at baby + coSee the moment big brother really gets a look at his little sister at Baby + COPlacenta at baby+coBig Brother gets to help during newborn exam at Baby + cO

Midwives do the newborn exam with such tenderness and love.  Mom and dad sat on the bed and big brother got to help out!  What a special moment this family will always remember.  Baby + CO newborn exam, attended by midwife Susan MitchellMidwives support newborn baby