Fast Birth at Nine Short Months Birth Center in Southfield, Michigan

When I met Verlillian, she was nearing the end of her first pregnancy. She was more than ready to have her baby, and eager to deliver her baby at the birth center. Verlillian was planning her birth at Nine Short Months is a birth center located in Southfield, Michigan.

Contractions started around midnight and Verlillian worked through them with her partner at home. Things got more intense and she was about ready to head to the birth center when her water broke and things really picked up! She arrived and was nearly 10cm and I was heading through rush hour traffic to make it to her birth!

When I walked through the door, I grabbed my camera out of my bag and ran into the bathroom where Verlillian was having her baby. Her partner, Curtis, caught their daughter and put their baby directly into her arms.

It was SUPER fast and really incredible! Take a minute to see some of my favorite images from their birth story.

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