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One of my favorite part of my job as a Michigan birth photographer is witnessing the reactions of parents, family and friends to the birth or new baby. Each and every birth comes with surprises. Sometimes that ‘surprise’ is a reaction from baby, mom, dad, or extended family. I’ve attended surprise gender births, births that were planned in one location, but happened in another, I’ve witnessed new parents telling THEIR parents the name they’ve thoughtfully chosen for their baby, I’ve seen siblings cry with happiness (or sadness) at the arrival of their new baby sister or brother and families jumping for joy with excitement and tears.

I want to share with you some of my favorite reaction photos that I’ve taken in my 6 years as a birth photographer.


We all laughed when we saw this sweet baby’s reaction to her birth moment. Her eyes were locked on her mother as she arrived earthside. The smiling faces of her aunt and the OB as well as grandmother in the foreground. This was a wonderfully supported birth full of the women who mattered most in mama’s life.


This mom smiled with so much joy as her third baby was born into their tub at home. Attended by her daughter, mother, husband and midwife, this was a birth surrounded by people who filled the room with support and love.


After a long induction, these two mamas smiled with complete JOY as they welcomed their child earthside. This was the moment a nurse asked them what they baby’s name would be and they both said in unison, “we don’t know”!


This big brother had so many funny reactions, it was hard to pick a favorite! Kids are hilarious!


These three older siblings meet their newest little sister. The big brothers have been through this before, but you can see that the little sister is a little shocked about the new addition!


The gender of this little baby BOY was a surprise to everyone, even the parents. But I think the most surprised was the family waiting in the waiting room to find out the gender!


This gramma was right there for her daughter during the entire labor and birth. When her daughter needed support, she held her, and when it was time to push out her baby, she was there to welcome her grandchild!


I absolutely love this entire family’s reaction to the birth of their baby. Mom gasps with shock and joy, dad is smiling and happy. It was such a fast birth and mama was in such control, it was incredible to watch her strength.


Everyone in the room has waited for years for this rainbow baby. Mom was so excited, her mother and mother in law were also there to support her and welcome their grandchild. This birth was full of excitement. This birth also happened at one of the highest altitude hospitals that offers labor and delivery in the United States! At nearly 10,000 feet, this baby was born in the middle of the Colorado Rocky Mountains!

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This amazing mama tried and waited for over a decade to have her baby girl, after years of infertility and many attempts at IVF, finally succeeding when they did IVF out of this country! Amazing! She had her daughter in her mid-40s. She is a midwife herself and caught her own baby at the hospital she works in, with the staff she works with. What an incredible story!


During my first year in birth photography I was hired by this couple. They were first time parents who had a very fast labor and delivered in the water! This sweet girl was caught by her dad and incredible midwife. This mom was so happy and joyful during her birth, she constantly talked to her daughter while in labor, she and her partner locked eyes and kissed. It was truly exciting and beautiful!


This first time mom reacted with so much joy when she met her daughter.


This mama said to me just a few seconds before this photo was taken, ‘they told me I couldn’t do this, but I AM DOING THIS!” She was a force!


This moment is always incredible. These parents are high school sweethearts and now they welcome their son.


Even though cesarean birth wasn’t what they had planned for their twins, it was a beautiful birth with skin to skin in the OR. A first for this hospital!


I love this baby’s reaction to just being born, as well as her mother’s look of relief on her face!


One of my favorite underwater photos, this dad’s reaction to his wife and their new baby coming was priceless!


This mom’s water broke during her baby shower at 37 weeks and she had her baby the next day! Wow!


When your birth doesn’t go as planned. This mom holds her baby, skin to skin, in the operating room. It wasn’t how she planned to meet her child, but it was how she needed to meet him.


This is the worst part of the c-section, the wait to enter. This dad sits impatiently as he waits to be with his wife and baby!


Big brother wasn’t too thrilled about the sounds of his new baby brother’s first cry!


This incredible midwife was just finishing up the newborn exam for this sweet baby.


This little guy had his eyes open right from the beginning and locked his eyes on his mother.


One of my favorite birth reactions of all time!


This mom was overwhelmed with happiness after delivering her first baby in such a powerful manor. She stood up and delivered her baby as her body told her, and the midwives at the University of Michigan were awesome at supporting her needs.


This mom was struggling with a very long and intense labor and her midwife’s assistant lay down with her and just held her and it was exactly what she needed at that moment.

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Caption this shocked reaction!?


This first time mom had a long labor, but welcomed her daughter several weeks early and she was absolutely perfect!


This dad was overwhelmed at seeing his wife in labor. He marveled at her strength and it was hard for him to see her hurting.


Sometimes it’s just funny to be holding a leg in birth.


These big brothers were SO excited to meet their little sister.


This dad was thrilled when his strong wife delivered their baby, this was a VBA2C!


Big brother can’t stop staring at his little brother. Even though this big brother has done this three times already, it’s still pretty special to him and I loved watching him stare in amazement at his brother and mom!

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