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Website Review

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As the Co-Founder of Birth Becomes Her, I’ve been mentoring birth photographers since 2015. I’ve taught over 100 students in my Birth Photography Certification Course and one thing that I’ve found is that many new photographers need help with their website.

A comprehensive website review helps you to focus on your strengths, find weaknesses and areas of confusion for the client, and come up with actual steps to make necessary changes. After giving your website direction, we also discuss strategies to boost your SEO by blogging and using action steps to create each blog post in a way that generates traffic for your website.

What you’ll receive

  • Zoom video with a 10+ minute website review

  • Website checklist

  • SEO checklist

  • Follow up emails to answer any further questions

    Stop agonizing over your website and let me take a look for you. Whether it needs a lot of work, or you are on the exact right path, it’s always nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and share your wins with. Reach out today!