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Birth photography is so much more than a photo session. It’s holding space with a woman and family throughout their pregnancy. It’s spending days, weeks, and even more than a month on call for a family and balancing your life with that. The anticipation builds as you wait for the call. Then it happens, and you wake up in a haze and rush to the birth. It can be daunting to step into this space even as an experienced photographer. Holding space, respecting the other members of the birth team, and shooting the birth in a way is artful and creative through the rose-colored lenses of birth is not easy! Discussing what we do in the birth space is the only way that we can share these experiences with other photographers. It's not easy to just have another person ‘tag along’ at a birth. The space is much more intimate.  

I’ve photographed 100 births as a photographer, and before birth photography, I spent my entire adulthood working in the medical field. Combining my love of healthcare with photography and art finally allowed me to find my niche. Now I create art in the birth space as I watch women become mothers in front of my eyes, and it’s my full-time job.

Of course, there is more to birth photography than just showing up, getting your settings right, and taking a photo. It’s about being in the birth space with a woman and connecting on a deeper level to create more than just photos, but documentary art. Knowing when to give the mom and family space, and knowing when to stay close.  

I offer mentoring opportunities tailored to your experience level and needs that are focused on finding your style, creating art, documenting birth authentically and lovingly, and using editing as a tool to enhance your images.

My sessions focus on:

  • Tapping into your prior birth experiences (or life experiences) to find a deeper ‘why’

  • Finding your style in shooting

  • Enhancing that style in editing

  • Creating a personalized preset(s) to keep your work consistent

  • Website Review & SEO Check

  • Gallery Review

We can structure the session in a way that works best for you. The session generally consists of an initial questionnaire you fill out, one phone call to discuss where you are at in your journey and to give me an of what questions to ask, a zoom video recording and review of 2 birth galleries, a zoom video recording of website review, one follow up call with a Q and A.  

Payment plans are available.