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Breastfeeding and Motherhood

Time speeds up when you become a mother!  I still remember vividly when I was leaving the hospital after Magnolia's birth in 2011, I was breastfeeding her in the lobby and a mother with her 9 year old son were sitting next to me.  I was waiting for Josh to get the car and she was waiting for her husband.  She congratulated me and then said, "parenting is a lot of long days and very short years."  We talked about that a little more,  I didn't understand it fully in that moment.  But it didn't take long before I did.  Now, over 5 years later, I have a second daughter; and I still think of that mother, her son who would be 15 now and I'm watching my babies grow up so fast!

I don't have that many photos of Magnolia and I together during that first year and sadly, its the same with Clementine.  It makes me sad, because I'm always behind the camera and never in the photos.  I regret it!   Breastfeeding and motherhood sessions are for you.  It's time to put the craziness on pause for a day, to email me and schedule a session.  We can do them in your home or outside in scenic Colorado.  I work with a wonderful hair and makeup artist, which you can include in your package.  It feels wonderful to look back at the little details.  The curious little fingers touching your chest as they nurse, their kicking feet, and sweet milky smiles when they unlatch and look up at you.

The time is now, email me to schedule your session today!

Matthew Winters Park - Breastfeeding

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Boettcher Mansion, Breastfeeding

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Welchester Tree Grant Park, Breastfeeding

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